Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sorry Again Guys...

I'm sorry again for "ditching you". I really didn't mean to. See, I've either forgotten, haven't had the time, haven't had anything to write about, or hadn't felt well lately. I'm seeing friends and going to visit family, so there's no telling when I can post again. For example, right now I have a major headache. Well, anyway, a brief update.

Jacob is now almost level 49, beat Malistaire and has Fire Dragon and a pet Helephant named Lord Chance. (If anyone has a Hydra, he's aiming for the Fire Hydra!) All his friends and my true hearted friends have been great helps and I really want to thank all of them, even though most don't know about this blog. (: Wizard101 provides such a good community. Really, just ask my friend Mr. Community, a.k.a. Mycin Stargem, a.k.a. the guy that writes The Pyromancer's Digest. Or my friend Grace Souldust, who helps anyone in the blink of an eye. When I keep saying I feel bad, she just says, "You just need to pass it on to other people. (:" She's in the process of moving right now and she doesn't read this (I don't think), but I'd still like to acknowledge her for saving my life too many times to count.

Well, anyway, that's it for now. I'll post again as soon as possible, I promise!


Friday, June 18, 2010


Oh my gosh, I forgot to post today guys! I'm really sorry! Forgive me! :[

I'm a little busy this weekend, so I can't tell you when I'll post again. But I'm really sorry. In good news, Jacob, my Pyromancer, is now level 43 and is started DS. I'm so proud! *Sniffle*

Alright, well sorry again guys, and see you soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gold. Gold? GOOOOOOLD!!!!!!

Heyyo guys, witches and wizards alike. Hows the bosses been running?

So, I've been delaying farming long enough. I mean, I know about it, since there are different versions of it from other games. But you might know I haven't been playing in a while, and just started again since school got out. Now I'm into fansites and stuff, and, well, farming is relatively new to me on Wizard101. So I did a little investigating on Wizard101 Central, (I'm Paige Whisper if you want to look me up) and found out what it included: Defeating a boss over and over for his drops, and selling stuff. Well, I didn't really know of a boss, but my bank was flooded, and I mean flooded! Bartelby knows how, it was 400/100 items! Not only that, my backpack was full with starter items and stuff that I would never use, ever. Paige has her clothes set, there's nothing better she can really get, so there's no need for her to have any other items but to share them with my Pyromancer, Jacob Flame. By the way, because of this whole scheme, he got a "brand new" robe and hat stats (as he keeps stitching his pumpkin mask), but I'll go into that later.

Well, anyway, I decided this was good for me. I only had about 50,000 gold, too much stuff, so put two and two together and it equals? SELLING! So, naturally, first thing I did was went to the Bazaar. Gah, that place is a mess. Great for buying stuff though, just ask Jacob if you ever get the chance. Anyways, I go up, careful not to sell anything I want, (such as my old Sympathetic Shoes, boy, those are cute!) and sell every last useless item in my backpack. Now for me, that's a lot. It went from 80 items to only 22 (I think, maybe less), which means I sold 58 items in my first go. Well. Next step was to raid my bank. This took a good hour or more. That thing had so much stuff, it had to go.

So what I went about doing was using my shared bank for organizing stuff I didn't want to sell and taking out as many hats as I could carry. What I planned to do was go down the line, taking as many of a certain item as I could and selling all those first before getting more. This went on for a while, when I discovered some old robes. I mean really old robes. One of them was an old crown item, from when Zeke sold all the good stuff. It had good stats and gave a wicked Stormzilla spell. I loved that guy! And no, his name was not Bob. It was Fluffy, thank you very much. So Paige hand-me...ed-down that robe to Jacob, along with an old hat that gave Scald and had good stats overall. He painted the robe, stitched the hat, and he's looking great. Oh, they grow up so fast.

Well, this pattern went on for a while. Sell, grab, sell some more, grab some more. Until, UNTIL, I realized, you couldn't sell some items in the Bazaar. NOW WHAT IS THIS!??!!??!?????!?!?!?!?!!!!!1?!?!?!!??!one??!?!?!?!?! It's selling for a great price, over 3,000, and I can't sell it? Then what the heck is the point of making it so darn high and showing it to me none the less? That's just teasing, KI. Really. But at that time, I didn't think so. I was all like, "Oh, ok, no big deal. I'll just sell it in a shop." Well I went and did that and you know what? The price went from 3,000 gold to 3 HUNDRED something gold. SERIOUSLY? If you're going to do that to us KI, tease us with the great values of the Bazaar, at least let us fairly sell the items for their worth. I mean geez, I was not happy about this.

Once I was done, I got over it. Why? My gold total went from around 50,000 gold to 130,000+ gold. That was absolutely amazing, all considered. By the way, the highest offer I got in the Bazaar was for an un-trade-able item that was worth 13,000+. Anyway, so I wasn't complaining anymore. In fact, I was really happy. Maybe I could finally hatch Charlie, who was none too happy about the idea, with another Pioneer Dragon to get a Frontier Dragon. When I suggested the idea to him, he got really mad. Apparently, he does not want to be placed in a tiny class cage with no room for him to open his wings or fly with a thing on top that shocked the heck out of him. I mean c'mon, what pet doesn't want that? Eh, Charlie's a little old dragon now anyway, even if he still looks and fights good. So it doesn't look like I'll be hatching a pet with him for a while, but if you have a Pioneer Dragon, maybe I can manage to stuff him in a case. Maybe.

I was on cloud 9 with my new gold total. It was unbelievable how much I got from selling items I couldn't even use, since they were for other certain schools only. KI, you amaze me sometimes. So today, I was helping a friend out with the Ironworks that had helped me with Jotun (Blake Wraith). He was a great help and really smart, so naturally I was in his debt, like I am Grace Souldust's and Mycin Stargem's. Those guys are all great, believe it! I dunno, but apparently Baxter, that cat with the best gosh darn accent ever in the Ironworks, gives a little gold every time you go to talk to him. It was a huge surprise to see one of those little tips that I never get anymore from Zeke. Since when does he give tips? "Be careful not to step on any cat food cans"? And do you know what he told me? Do you? In any case, he told me that I had too much gold. I was rather dumbfounded. Is it even possible to have too much gold? Is there even a max? Kinda hoping it was a glitch, but I know it wasn't. But Gamma, was it a surprise, even a little troubling. I mean, what am I going to do now? I don't want to waste gold! It seems the max is around 150,000. That is not a lot, from what I've heard so far now. If hatching costs 100,000, they're only leaving me 50,000, even at the max? I think that's unfair, I mean c'mon. For that much, Charlie is gosh darn it GETTING IN THAT LITTLE SHOCKY CASE. Don't worry Charlie, you won't be in there long!

Well, that's the end of my little rant for today. I just thought it was something to share. I've stepped into the wonderful world of farming, and once I figure out what I'm doing, I'm going to really get into it. So, good luck guys, be careful to keep the Kraken's back! 'Till next time!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dorm Contest

Hey guys. I'd like to share my insight on the new decorating contest, in case you'd like to know.

So, it sounds like a lot of fun, right? I haven't actually looked at it in detail, so I can't tell you much about it. You can probably find out about it on The Friendly Necromancer, the Wizard101 Homepage, or Wizard101 Central. All I really know is that it's a contest where you decorate your house or dorm and send in a picture or video.

I'm sure lots of wizards and witches are eager to participate and win. The prize? Not sure. But either way, it's fun to do, right? And to be famous. It will probably get posted on the site. That's something everyone wants, I'm sure. Nobody can say they don't. And the winner will probably get gold or something, right? Well, anyway.

No, I am not participating. Just in case you want to know. I'm ready to hear, "Why not?" But I have my reasons. For one, I haven't started with housing yet. Well, I have, but after a little while I decided to save my gold from every quest, and then spend everything I possibly can into a great house. This can't be a one in a lifetime chance. There's gotta be another contest. That would be so cool though, to win. Too bad I won't be. There will always be another chance, though. I have faith in Wizard101. They listen to us, unlike some games. *Growls*

Anyhoo, housing overall. Let's look at this. My friends always say, "Want to come see my house?" Well, yes I do. It's great to get lost in your darn big fire house or DS house or something. That wasn't sarcasm, actually. The houses are so big and there's just so much to explore, it is actually fun getting lost, even if I can't find my way back. I remember being in a DS house, and before I knew it I was over some huge crate with lava under it and two staircases going up and down and a terrace and a doorway to another room here and there. Gosh, it was confusing as heck, trust me. But it was fun to look at.

My question for all you expert housers and designers. How do you remember your way through that thing? I mean, seriously. Do you use like a trail of furniture? Or do you have a map? I dunno, I would hate spending all my gold on this beautiful furniture and such and then not be able to find it. Although the houses I do see are beautifully organized with school rooms and dorms and bedrooms and study rooms and all that. The furniture they offer is beautiful, along with the houses! In fact, a theurgist friend of mine showed me his house, and I had never seen the life house before. It was drop dead gorgeous and it was hard to believe that's the house I was going to get one day, if not a Moo Shu one. (By the way, my Pyromancer, Jacob Flame, yes a boy, started Moo Shu today thanks to a great new friend, Grace Souldust! :D) He'll definitely have a great house, no doubt. Once he's done with the game, that is. ;)

So, what are your houses like? I'm honestly curious. Are you entering the contest? :O Best of luck to all my readers! Maybe you guys can explain to me the whole house thing a little better... As you can probably tell by now, I'm a little slow. Well, anyway, I'll post again tomorrow guys, see you then! (:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Heyyo, guys! I'm Paige Whisper, and finally giving in to Wizard101 fansites and blogs, I decided to make my own.

As a small into, I'll say that I am a beta tester, so I've been around for quite a while. If you don't know, a beta tester is literally someone who tested the game before it was advertised and such. So, I remember when Prospector Zeke was put into the game and given the responsibility of not only giving a quest, but giving out brand new crown items to players that paid. I even remember when Moo Shu came out! Boy, it was a big hit. In the first week of the game, beta testers were given crowns to purchase a Pioneer Dragon from Zeke if they wished. Players that joined in that week were not given the free crowns. Don't worry, it wasn't a lot! By the way, t
he Pioneer Dragon looks like this (on the left).
<---------- Pioneer Dragon This just happens to be a picture of my pet, Charlie. What's special about the Pioneer Dragon is it's a bit bigger than a normal dragon and instead of stripes or nothing, it has stars and moons on it. Cool, eh? It gives a dragon blade, +30% to any attack, much like the balance blade.

Okay, so yay, Pet Derby! Which is actually just part of the huge new pet craze, all happening in the Pet Pavillion. This can be found in Wizard City, just by Prospector Zeke and the Library. It's sort of unfriendly looking, in my opinion. But hey, whatever. In order to enter you must accept the related quest from Headmaster Merle Ambrose. By following the steps of the quest, you'll be guided through the Pet Pavillion briefly. Now, I for one, did not understand the Pet Pavillion after this quest.

In order for your pet to help you, they need to have good stats and cards and such. In order to have that, they must play minigames and age. Your pet right now, if you already had it, should be a Teen. (It will have the word TEEN above it's head.) I wouldn't have gotten Charlie to Ancient had it not been for my great friend (Mycin StarGem) gifting me a few Mega Snack Packs. Those things really help, but they cost 2,500 crowns. Anyway, you need to start off playing minigames, and have good snacks. There are four minigames you can play: The Maze Game, The Dance Game, The Dropping Game, and The Cannon Game. I personally find the Drop Game the easiest, but sometimes I play the Dance Game. So, let's take the Drop Game.

When you go over to the sigil in front of the Gobbler Director and press "x", this box will pop up.

Please note that these are Charlie's stats (on the right) and your pet won't have these. Below are the food options you can catch for the drop game. Instructions and controls are on the left. To view controls, you simply click an arrow. Above the Objectives is your energy and how much playing this minigame will cost. To restore energy, either buy an elixir from the store for crowns, from Milos for crowns, or wait (a long time) for it to restore on it's own. Okay, as for choosing foods, I always choose apples, since they give +4 Strength. To see what food gives what stat, simply click it and it will show in red numbers what it will give you. When you're ready, just click Play and you'll use the arrow keys to control your pet, trying to catch the food you selected. Bombs, anvils, stuff like that, avoid those; they slow you down for a while. Your time will be in the upper right corner, how well you're doing so far shown in a bar on the left. To get more time, catch falling clocks. Hourglasses will temporarily pause time, so you're not losing it.

That's how you play minigames. And oh Bartelby, the Pet Derby was confusing! When you go to a practice match, it's just like the pvp screen, if you've ever done that. Select your difficulty level above and choose a game you wish to participate in. Once chosen, you'll get a very confusing screen (to me) that looks like this:
In the upper left corner is your place in the race (1st-4th), your time, and what lap you're on. In the upper right corner is the map of the track, and when flags appear, those will show where everyone is. The biggest flag will be you. On the bottom in yellow text is a tip, different each time you enter a race. That's where I learned a lot about derbies. On the top you see "COBBLESTONE", which is the terrain you're currently on, and "COST". To speed your pet up, you need morale. See the tip? Press the up arrow key to cheer and make your pet go faster? Right, well, on different terrains, it will cost more morale in order to speed your pet up. The number of morale points it will cost to cheer will show up once the race starts. You can usually tell what terrain is coming up. By the way, Cobblestone is the cheapest. Mud is the worst; it slows you down and prevents you from cheering at all. Grass is the most expensive. To get more morale, press the spacebar whenever you're over a big exclamation point in a circle on the ground in front of an obstacle. A tip, on turns, stay on the inside lane if possible, they're just a bit quicker. Another tip; if you see a big shiny star, get it first; they'll speed you up! Those numbers under the morale and terrain bar are your pets' abilities. To use those either click them with your mouse or press the designated number (1-4). Note, in practice nearly everyone is a teen, in ranked nearly everyone is ancient if not epic (which I've never seen).

So that's it for the Pet Pavillion. If you have any other questions, e-mail me at and I'll get back as soon as possible and answer somewhere on this blog. Haven't figured that out yet. :\

Well, so overall, the Pet Pavillion is pretty cool. I haven't hatched anything yet, but I hope to do so soon! Whenever I go in there, someone always compliments my dragon and asks where I got it. Feed yourselves with knowledge, guys. IT'S A BETA TEST ITEM. Good? Good. Moving on.

The place is rather crazy looking. It looks like something out of a mad scientist movie or whatever. That cat also looks like a Scratcher, mind you. Not exactly the place I want to trust my baby pets and eggs with. Ah well, I'm sure it's safe, right?

'Kay, that's it for now; I'll post again as soon as possible! Don't let the Rotting Fodders bite!